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Who is Kathryn Williams? This is a question that she herself has asked many times over. Most of her past is a blur of nightmarish images of pain and loss. Her first real memories are of laying in a hospital staring at the ceiling, unsure as to who she was or how she got where she was that day, but that didn’t matter to her at all because she had nothing left to live for. No Family, no Friends and most of all she buried her first true love. The only thing that kept her from dying was a promise she made to her love that no matter what happened she would live on… for both of them. One day she opened her eyes and looked around to a small hospital room that was her home and didn’t like what she saw. Why was the world punishing her for falling in love? Was she truly as insane as everyone claimed she was? For the first time ever the young girl felt anger and hatred for the world, and right then and there promised that she would prove everyone wrong by doing the most unexpected thing of all… To live.

She changed her last name as a sign that she wasn’t going to look back at the person she use to be and look forward from then on, but this proved to be more of a struggle then she first thought it to be. The New Kathryn found it hard to get back into society, She struggled and fought her way back into school then finally graduated with a Major in her second love, Arts. But this wasn’t enough. Something was still missing. So she again found herself staring at the ceiling again passing the time by drawing giant murals on her apartment walls. After a year of sitting around waiting for something to happen it finally did. She was visiting a local comic book shop when she ran into a young man who was also interested in Anime/Manga like herself. He offered to take her to an Anime showing at a nearby University. With nothing better to do she agreed. This would turn out to have been the best move she could have ever made

At the showing it was announced that the club was looking for a Mascot artist and was having a contest for just this. The man has seen some of her works and insisted she try out. She thought it over for a bit and before she knew it the day for finally entries was at hand and she still had nothing to show. so while sitting in the doctor’s office Kat sketched out the first images of what would later become “Neko Haruka” Not only did the club like the designs but she was given the mascot job. Soon people were asking about her other works and before she knew what was happening people started hounding her for more artwork.

With some newly found self-confidence Kathryn took the next impossible step. The World of Gallery arts. This would prove to herself if she really was any good. What she didn’t expect was the lack of respect in the art community for an Artist who draws in the Anime/Manga style. Right when she was about to give up she was finally given a break when she was notified that her work would be put in the Gay Pride Art Show. This was it. If this show didn’t turn out she was going to give up before even starting. Prepared for the worse Kathryn took a deep breath and stepped into her new life, as she entered the doors of the Gallery. The show was a bigger success then she had ever expected, she didn’t sell a thing but people loved her work so much that she decided right then that this was what she was going to do. She was going to write about the one thing she knew about more then anything else. And she was going to publish it as a Manga.

The next few years went by pretty much in a blur as Kathryn quickly grew from an Unknown artist to Guest of Honour at conventions around North America. She stumbled every now and then, but quickly gained the respect of many others in the industry, and is becoming known as the only known North American Lesbian Shoujo Ai Mangaka. This coupled with her journey to help others who are survivors through her stories has lead to T. V. and newspaper interviews as well as numerous appearances at Conventions. Now with the support of her fans she has begun to rewrite her first Manga “A Shadowlander’s Dream” as well as print a new story told from the eyes of a rape survivor.

Now known simply as “Kat” she works long side The AniLesboCon in an effort to help bring the world of Shoujo Ai to others by helping with everything from creating a collective Manga Anthology to working on Animation. Today there seems to be very little that will stop Kathryn’s will to survive. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Name: Kathryn Karin Williams

Birth: April 29, 1975 (???)

Birth Place: Somewhere

Height: 5′ 7 ”

Weight: Not enough according to everyone else… lets just say that I’m thin.

Eyes: Light to Deep blue depending on mood.

Hair: Reddish blonde (looks brown right now)

Current Location: Toronto, ON, CAN

Pets: One Cat – Lord Shiva

Education: Beal Arts Major

Other Studies: Japanese, Film, Advertising, Child Psych.,

Favourite Food: hmmm… I mostly eat Rice (I like most Japanese food) , Pizza and KD, as well as live off Doritos (I love Zesty) and kool aid. Other then that I don’t eat very much at all.

Job: This!

Hobbies: My Job is my hobby now unless you consider studying the Japanese Language a hobby or the fact that I have well over 200 Anime title and to much manga to count. “It’s my Job I tell you honestly!!!”

Favourite Anime: What I have to pick just one??? Right now Alien 9 is at the top. Mostly shoujo with Card Captor Sakura (not Cardcaptors), Angelic Layers, Omishi Magical theater Risky Safety, sister princess, Fruits basket and Figure 17 is at the top of my list right now. Mind you Noir, Ran, Hikaru no Go and Galaxy Angels are up there too.

Favourite Manga: hmmmmm Another tough one. Again Alien 9, Angelic Layers and Card Captor Sakura as well as Angel/dust, Shadow Star, Narue no Sekai, Momo-chan Sensai, Geo Breeders and of course Chirality.

Favourite Mangaka (artist): Hitoshi Tomizawa, CLAMP, Satoshi Urushihara, and Aoi Nanase.

Favourite Musician: Hitomi Yaida, Yoko Kanno, Sakura Tange and Yoko Sakaki.

Favourite Seiyu: Junko Iwan

Favourite songs: Rebirth – Kumi version, My Sweet Darlin’, Into the Future, Busy Now, Love in the Cradle, Sweet Call

Favourite Video Games: One word “SQUARESOFT” there I said it.

Favourite Authors: John Saul, Douglas Adams.

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