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Shiva entered my world along with her sister, Goldie, back in 1993. They were a gift from my mother only weeks before she disappeared from my life leaving me alone. If it wasn’t for those two balls of fur I’m not sure if I would have survived. Goldie got her name because of the gold strips that ran down her back but Shiva was harder. I thought about it hard and long. Then one day after school I cam home to find the curtains torn down and Shiva stuck at the top meowing. I took her down and with her under my arm grabbed one of my big books on Demons and Gods (at the time I was studying Parapsychology) It took only a short time for me to come across the perfect name for this little terror. I named her after the God of Destruction and Chaos (no matter how much people this it was because of Final Fantasy’s Ice Queen it couldn’t be further from the truth.) With bills and rent I soon realized that I could only afford to keep one of the two. I sat down and thought about the problem. Goldie was being her usually playful self, running in circles. Then Shiva suddenly jumped into my lap and fell asleep. She softly purred there, It was almost as if she knew what was going to happen. Seeing as both were still under a year old it was really easy to find a new home for little Goldie. Thou began my new life with my little ball of fluff. We use to go everywhere together (well almost.. I would take her down stairs to check the mail and what have you.) She always seemed to be there when I needed her the most.

In 1997, I was setting up my first computer with a friend when he asked what was the company name going to be. Just then Shiva rubbed against me and I said “Kat And Neko” from that day forth Shiva would curl up next to me while I worked through out the night. The computer use to sit on a coffee table in the corner and I would lean against the wall with a pile of pillows which Shiva next to me.

In 2000 I almost lost Shiva to an illness. I was luck to have just got a credit card or I would have never been able to pay the vet bill, but she is healthy now. In fact since moving to Toronto she has been purring out loud (before you would have to touch her to know if she was purring) and she is back to being the cute little puff ball she use to be all those years ago. (mind you she has gotten rather huge and I can’t carry her under one arm anymore but she is still and always will be a big Puff.)

So now you know the Neko half of K&N >^_^< Name: Shivanavan "Shiva" Born: July 1st, 1993 Height/Weight: big and puffy Cat Type: Tabby Eye: Golden green Current Location: Poking me in the back with her paw because I'm not paying attention to her. Fav. Food: Whiskas (aka Psycho kitty... have you seen the pic on the bag LOL) Hobbies: Tearing everything to pieces that isn't nailed down. and even things that are... "SHIVA STOP CLAWING THAT CHAIR!!" Fav. Toy: Her White furry mouse. The only one she hasn't torn to shreds.. yet.. Fav. Game: "Come chase me" Basically she runs up to someone and Meows then runs way and expects the person to follow her. Weird game I know but it is fun if you chase her all around the house until she stops meowing. Speaking of which *runs off to chase Shiva around the apartment then returns exhausted.* Yeah..*pant* fun... Fav. Look out spot: The window above my bed. I had to nail a piece of carpet up there so she would quite slipping and falling on me while I sleep. Fav. Sleeping spot: Hard to say seeing as she is a cat and can sleep almost anywhere. If I'm going on a trip she will sleep on my suitcase. but for the most part she just likes to curl up next to me when she can Polly Cutie

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