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100 Pandas at VeraJohn Casino has an Asian theme, everything looks to be taking place in an Asian bamboo forest. There are pictures of pandas, lotus flowers, yin and yang, and bamboo. The music is very relaxing and has a Manga feel.

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Shiva entered my world along with her sister, Goldie, back in 1993. They were a gift from my mother only weeks before she disappeared from my life leaving me alone. If it wasn’t for those two balls of fur I’m not sure if I would have survived. Goldie got her name because of the gold  [ Read More ]

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Kimberly is my fiancee and wife to be. She has been very supportive and very very helpful with research. Formerly from America, whom we are quickly addicting to the wonders of Canadian life. Life has been wonderful since her arrival here and I don’t know what I’d do without her around. She is kind and  [ Read More ]

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Who is Kathryn Williams? This is a question that she herself has asked many times over. Most of her past is a blur of nightmarish images of pain and loss. Her first real memories are of laying in a hospital staring at the ceiling, unsure as to who she was or how she got where  [ Read More ]

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In 1996 I graduated from Beal Arts, but I didn’t know which way to go from there. Told I’d never make it past Junior High School and deemed disabled before hitting the age of 17. Other then art I had nothing. So I spent a few months trying to figure out what to do next  [ Read More ]

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I’ve heard allot of people saying that because the Alien 9 character Ootani Yuri cries a bit she should be hit, smacked, put in her place, taught a lesson, shot, killed and many other horrible things. Considering the things that Yuri goes through are very real (rape, abuse) and many children her age have to  [ Read More ]

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WARNING!!! This is a complete break down of the series. Hopefully it will answer many of the questions people have had about the series but if you have not yet seen the ending then I suggest going back to the Alien 9 review. This essay is based on the OVA and not the manga. Hitoshi  [ Read More ]

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I spotted this Anime well over a year ago in a Newtype Magazine and fell in love with the cutesy art styling. After a year os searching I finally got my hands on a copy and instantly fell in love. I’ve never come across another Anime quite like this. Under it’s cute exterior hides a  [ Read More ]

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Note: The series is NOT by the creators of Excel Saga (like the package said) JC Staff did Produce Excel Saga, but Alien Nine was by J.C Staff and Genco (like Azumanga Daioh, Figure 17, Tiny Snow fairy Sugar and many more) Also the Screenplay writer, Sadayuki Murai didn’t work on Cowboy bebop the series.  [ Read More ]

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Flutter, Flutter, Fly, Beautiful Butterfly Fly So Very High, Into The Deep Blue Sky. Glide Upon The Air, Without A Single Care. I Would Not Dare, Fly Way Up There. Why Must You Die, Little Butterfly? It Makes Me Cry, Watching You Fall From The Sky. We Had So Much Time To Share, But You  [ Read More ]