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I’ve heard allot of people saying that because the Alien 9 character Ootani Yuri cries a bit she should be hit, smacked, put in her place, taught a lesson, shot, killed and many other horrible things. Considering the things that Yuri goes through are very real (rape, abuse) and many children her age have to face the same kinds of situations, it frightens me that there are still so many heartless people in the world.

If you see a child crying, do you just turn your back and say it isn’t your business? If you see a woman in a store with a black eye, do you just pass by and ignore her? People think I’m weird because I can’t turn my back on anyone, no matter how much people try to make me. Yuri may only be a character in a show, but I felt for her. Instead of wanting to hit her I wanted to hug her. I found a few other people who felt the same so decided to make a way for people to show their support for Alien 9 and survivors of all forms of violent acts. If you want to help, then all you have to do is add one of the banners to your site. You can link it here if you like, but this is not a requirement. Just having the image up on your site means a lot.

I’d like to thank everyone who supported the Hug, don’t hit campain fund raiser during AN this year. We raised $200 from the Kids Help Phone and they sent us a letter of thanks. The thank you sould go to all of you that helped fill the jar and who wrote in. Your words have been alot of help in hard time.

Soon I’ll be adding a links to Abuse and Rape support sites here for those who are looking for help. If you know of any sites that would be helpful feel free to email me. And thank you everyone for your support!

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