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I spotted this Anime well over a year ago in a Newtype Magazine and fell in love with the cutesy art styling. After a year os searching I finally got my hands on a copy and instantly fell in love. I’ve never come across another Anime quite like this. Under it’s cute exterior hides a very serious and Depressing story.

Marin (13) is an orphan who was left on the door step of a boarding house filled with odd people. A scientist and his American Assistant, A young nurse and her Drunk father, and a kind old Woman. All helped raise Marin so she considers them all family and doesn’t think her life is odd. At school she is picked on for being lower class and an orphan but despite all this she is very happy. Marin herself is a very interesting character in that she doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks about her and has this weird over active imagination in which she dreams up all sorts of impossibly weird things that might happen to her (like a monster coming out of the forbidden shine and eating her) You’re never quite sure if she is dreaming or not until the dream ends.

On the first day of school a strange image of a city appeared in the skies all around the world. No one known what this image is or why is appeared. Unexpectedly something falls from the sky and lands in Marin’s room. It is a strange one eyed robot which suddenly proceeds to try and kill the little girl. At first I was awaiting this to be another one of the girls strange dreams but it isn’t. Marin ends up running to the forbidden shine to hide when she finds a strange looking pin. Just as she picks it up the Robot appears then another Robot appears out of a puff of blue smoke and rescues our Heroine.

This other robots turns out to be from a place called Brigadoon in which Marin nick names “Malen Blue” because his name is too long and hard to pronounce. He proclaim that he will watch over Marin and protect her from anything that tries to hurt her. This means anything from the boys who try looking up her skirt to school bullies and the occasional alien death machine.

“Marin and Melan”
I’m finding I really like Marin. Even with Malen as a body guard she would rather face her problems herself and not have someone stand up for her. As I said she doesn’t seem to care much what people think of her but hates it if someone targets the people that she holds dear. At first I thought this just another cute anime but after watching a few episodes I realized there is allot more. This has got to be the cutest Shoujo Ai I’ve ever seen, From Moe, Marin’s best friend, Blushing over showing up early to walk with her to school, to their fall down a flights of stairs and confession. At the same time it is very dark and deep such as Moe being scolded by her mother to her trying to protect Marin from a bunch of school bullies which leads to a beautiful scene in which Moe promises to protect Marin when ever Melan isn’t around. This story really hit close to home for me and found the story very uplifting for such a dark tale about friendship and love

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