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I now have a
live journal where you can read more of my insane thoughts,
but I don’t know why.

Update October 18th

Because so many of you asked for it.

Dreaming of Another
is now completed.

Update Sept 27th

Random Acts – Life of an Overlord

Welcome to K&N Manga Online.

First I’d like everyone who wrote in telling
me how much they wished to read more of Dreaming
of Another Day
. It has been well over 2 years since the first
part was written in a haze of tears. I didn’t think I would ever
get around to finishing the tale mostly because of the effect
it had on me. I don’t think anyone, including myself, realized
just how emotionally draining this story was. A week ago I started
remembering more and needed to finish this story for myself more
then anything. So after a week of typing for about 12 hours a
day I finally pounded out 60 pages of the most heart aching pages
to date for me. I’m really hopeing this is what you all were looking
for and more so hope that it doesn’t change your opinions of me
or my works.

Well I need a small break before facing ASD again.
Hope the tale is to your liking… can’t really say “liking”
arrgggh… it is hard to explain. I think I’ve written myself
dry. More updates to come.

jaa ne

Writer/Artist Kathryn K Williams

If you have any questions or suggestions then
feel free to post them on our Forum.

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